Walk In Document Recording* - Nationwide

Walk In Document Recording is our Premium Document Recording Service. It’s for those documents that must be recorded on time with no fail.

Recording Services – Completely Under Control

We start off by reviewing your document for obvious defects that can cause it to be rejected by a county recorder. Once it passes this initial inspection we select the recording agent who will receive your document and immediately ship it out for fast arrival. Once it is received, it will be walked right up to the recorder and in most cases your document gets recorded on the spot. For counties that are running behind, we will provide evidence that the document has arrived and we will continue to monitor that document until it has been recorded and will provide you with the recording information as well as the original recorded document.

Worry Free Document Recording

This service is thorough and complete tracking and control of your documents from start to finish for your requirements, compliance matters and your peace of mind.

Stop worrying about whether your important documents are arriving in time to be recorded. Do yourself a big favor and Try Us Out

* Blue Streak Docs shall not be responsible for any title updates or bring downs when instructed to record any documents in the public records.

** The information and documents provided by Blue Streak Docs are not intended for use in issuing, investigating or underwriting any insured product, including but not limited to title insurance policies.

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