Hi Tali, Happy Monday! Thanks for your note. We so appreciate your communication and fine service.

L.M. (client) 2021-03-05 14:15:02.000000

Your webpage is one of our top two favorites of the companies we service. Working with your support team is probably the easiest of the companies we service. We get meaningful responses in minimal time.

J.S. (vendor) 2022-04-13 15:41:42.000000

Thank you again for everything, we love working with you all :)

G.C. (client) 2020-12-08 16:25:56.000000

We are real estate investors and have used your e-recording services 4 times now over the past month. We expect to use this service 4 more times in the coming month! We have been very satisfied with your services. The prices are very reasonable. Your team is very quick to complete these transactions. Once I send you the documents for recording, I typically receive a response and an invoice within a few hours, and the recording is complete within 1-2 days. Your service has been invaluable in normal times, and with COVID restrictions, it has been indispensable!

W.Y. (client) 2020-06-01 15:17:18.000000

I’m very happy with your service. As you probably saw, I submitted more Assignments for recording. I appreciate how quickly everyone is getting back to me with questions, or with pricing for the stuff I submit.

H.G. (client) 2021-06-22 16:17:20.000000

Blue Streak Docs is performing very well and we are very happy with their communication on orders.

N.S. (client) 2021-08-03 13:11:56.000000

It is very convenient to work with Blue Streak Docs online and very nice to work with your personnel.

H.S. (client) 2019-08-17 12:31:01.000000

Oh, Jaime, you are a sweet heart. I love working with you guys.

J.P. (client) 2019-08-17 12:00:04.000000

Hi Leigh Ann! I want to let you know that you are always so helpful! Anytime I have any issues or questions, you always reply back quickly and give me information I need in order to get the order completed. As a whole, I enjoy working with Blue Streak Docs and everyone that I have spoken with there!

R.C. (vendor) 2022-11-23 14:10:39.000000

BSD is a great company to work with. Everyone there is very helpful and friendly. Cassie Olson in particular has been of great assistance recently, not just with daily order coordination, but also in referring me to Patti to get an undeposited check voided and reissued. Patti was very prompt in her assistance with this issue as well. April has also been very helpful. In fact, everyone I’ve ever interacted with there has been great! Highly recommend both the company and personnel. I love working with all of you and a million stars to everyone!!! Thanks!

J.F. (vendor) 2022-04-13 16:14:40.000000

We were very pleased with how Blue Streak Docs handled this project. Thank you to you and your team for providing such great service!

R.A. (client) 2019-08-17 12:15:57.000000

Merry you are wonderful. I wish my team worked as well as yours. You should all be commended.

N.B. (client) 2019-08-17 12:27:13.000000

My experience with Blue Streak Docs has been awesome. The prompt, detailed replies are welcomed by any searcher in the field to help process the request pending. Jaime Padgett, in particular, has been a great asset in various aspects, either billing, document submission or search questions – she has always been prompt and helpful. As a searcher in the field we are at the mercy of the various offices and courthouses and Jaime’s quick response helps to process the request. I look forward to continuing to work with Blue Streak Docs and Jaime in particular to provide service for any search and documents request.

P.H. (vendor) 2019-08-17 12:54:27.000000

Right now I have work from BSD up to my eyeballs! So happy to have all the work, especially during the pandemic. I have no complaints. I like everyone I have contact with, mostly with Amanda at this time. I think communication between us is reasonable. Too much gets in the way of work and too little causes problems for everybody. I also get paid regularly. What more could I ask for? Thank you Jackee and everyone at BSD.

T.K. (vendor) 2021-04-15 14:03:22.000000

I really like working with BSD as a whole and especially with the vendor managers. They have been continually understanding of my queries and requests concerning difficult or lengthy orders. Our relationship, regarding these, inevitably ends up with my giving a fair price and the vendor manager understanding the situation. I also like the follow-up calls and emails which help to spot anything that may have gotten missed. BSD’s payment system is very easy to work with both from an invoicing standpoint (saving time for me) and for my account reconciliations. I love the ResWare Portal that BSD created. It makes it fast and easy to upload orders quickly.

P.C. (vendor) 2022-04-13 16:10:42.000000

Many thanks for this lengthy update, hope this answers the client’s question, appreciate all the extra effort for this one. You spoil our clients with your quick, detailed responses, Merry! We (and they) love you for it!!

E.A. (client) 2019-08-17 12:05:12.000000

Thank you so much for the quick turn-a-round. You guys are great!

T.J. (client) 2019-08-17 12:28:34.000000

Our business has continued to grow and we greatly appreciate your support and the team at Blue Streak. I look forward to continuing our relationship.

M.H. (client) 2019-08-17 12:41:56.000000

We have worked with Blue Streak Docs for several years and have always found them to be very easy to work with and very prompt in responding to any questions that arise. The staff has remained very consistent which helps in developing good relationships between vendors and clients. We especially appreciate Ryan who has done an excellent job managing our account.

S.T. (vendor) 2019-08-17 12:52:28.000000

OMG Mike – YOU ARE THE BOMB!! Thank you. That is above and beyond. And this really helps our customer too. I haven’t seen any come our way in this county yet but when the customer reached out to me and asked, I reached out to you guys. I really appreciate the info and the customer is super happy with us for providing it as well. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

M.S. (client) 2019-08-17 12:03:52.000000

I love completing orders for you, and as fast as I can, too! and the More- the Better! 😊 Have a Wonderful Wednesday! 😊 Thank you for your help!

E.W. (vendor) 2022-11-11 11:04:54.000000

Nina/Kirsten, I want to compliment your crew on processing the files we placed with you. Their communication and follow-up has been excellent.

K.K. (client) 2021-01-12 14:02:36.000000

You guys are the best! It’s such a pleasure to work with you and your team, you guys certainly set the bar high.

B.L.M. (client) 2019-08-17 11:58:04.000000

Matt, don’t ever quit your job, mine depends on it. Thanks a lot, you are the BEST!

(client) 2019-08-17 12:10:46.000000

Victoria, I wanted to take a minute to thank you for all of your help and communication on these things that have popped up. Hope you had a good weekend.

J.D. (vendor) 2022-02-07 16:19:48.000000