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Blue Streak Docs offers the most reliable deed search service around.  Whenever you need to perform a property deed search, we’ve got you covered!

How Does a Deed Search Work?

When we perform a deed search, we search the public records of a county, parish, city or town and retrieve a copy of the deed records you need. It sounds simple, but it gets surprisingly complex.

However, because we have built up a huge document retrieval infrastructure, we get it done quickly.

What we need from you:

  • Name of grantor or grantee (seller or buyer) of the deed
  • Approximate time of conveyance (transfer/sale)
  • In some cases, type of deed:
  • Warranty Deed Search
  • Quitclaim Deed Search
  • Special Warranty Deed Search
  • Certificate of Title, etc.

What your Blue Streak Docs Deed Search Report includes:

  • Grantor/Grantee
  • Legal Description of the Specified Property
  • Date of Transfer
  • Recording Date
  • Copy of the Deed (Per Client Request)

Why Use Blue Streak Docs for Your Deeds Search?

Some deed records you can find yourself; others require tracking down a professional who physically goes to the courthouse to obtain the deed for you.

But why should you waste your time with either of them? Blue Streak Docs does it all for you — affordably — and lets you focus your time and energy on the rest of your work.

We hang our hats on reliability and are here for you every step of the way. Once we have the information we need, you don’t have to worry about a thing — we handle everything.

If you do have any questions along the way, a real, live Blue Streak Docs employee is always available by phone. We are more than just a document retrieval company.

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