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Real Estate Documents

Today, retaining a national company that can record all of your real estate documents is mandatory in most cases. Mortgage professionals in all areas of our industry have realized that: handling over 3,600 different jurisdictions, dealing with the County Recorder, knowing each of their recording requirements and keeping track of hundreds or thousands of documents, has become burdensome and very tedious to do themselves.

Real Estate Records – Recording a Mortgage

Recording a mortgage, modification, assignment, etc. can be a simple task, if all of your business is local and you are recording at one or two counties. But when you are recording real estate documents, thousands at a time across the country, it is best left to the experts. Each document needs to be reviewed for errors, recording fees verified, delivered in the most efficient manner and tracked from start to finish. Rejects must be handled quickly and resubmitted. Full reporting capabilities of all open recording orders should be provided to the client on a regular basis. That’s why Blue Streak Docs is your best choice for all of your real estate recording needs.

We have the following document recording services available:

Mail In Document Recording

Blue Streak Docs can record any of your real estate documents at any of the 3,600+ courthouses in the US. Depending on your requirements, we can mail using first class postal service, priority mail and track or Fed Ex delivery for expedited priority service directly to the county recorder.

Walk In Document Recording

This is Blue Streak Docs’ premium Document Recording Service. Once we have your documents in-hand, they are dispatched to one of our professional recording agents, who personally walks your document in to the courthouse for filing and recording. Nationwide service available.


Electronic recording of documents with counties that subscribe to this service. The turnaround for E-Recording your real estate documents is 24 hours upon receipt and is a fast and economical alternative. Originals are rapidly returned to the client.

UCC Lien Filing

We can record your UCC Documents at both the County or State level throughout the US depending on what is required. Your UCC can be E-Recorded, walked-in, or mailed to the courthouse.

If you need a reliable nationwide document recording service that works tirelessly to help you be more productive, we suggest you give us a try.

* Blue Streak Docs shall not be responsible for any title updates or bring downs when instructed to record any documents in the public records.

** The information and documents provided by Blue Streak Docs are not intended for use in issuing, investigating, or underwriting any insured product, including but not limited to, title insurance policies.

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