Blue Streak Docs can perform an Easements & Restrictions search for any residential property you may need that information on.  Once you provide the property information (address, city, state, county), we can get to work and get that search done for you right away.  Any documents located on your target property showing the existence of easements and/or restrictions will be reported to you along with copies of the documents, if requested.

Property Easement

An Easement is defined as a non-possessory right to use and/or enter onto the real property of another without possessing it.  Easements are helpful for providing a pathway across two or more properties which allow individuals to access other properties or resources, such as access to a public beach or park.

Deed Restrictions

Deed Restrictions are private agreements that restrict or limit the use of, or the activities on real property and are specified on the deed itself. Some examples of deed restrictions within a community or a Home Owners Association can include: receiving permission to change the exterior color of a home, parking a car on your lawn, replacing a roof, keeping a commercial vehicle in your driveway, and others.

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