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Once you provide the property information (address, city, state, county), we can get to work and get that search done for you right away. Any documents located on your target property showing the existence of easements and/or restrictions will be reported to you along with copies of the documents if requested.

What is a Property Easement?

An easement is defined as a non-possessory right to use and/or enter onto the real property of another without possessing it. It can give the U.S. government (or a private party) the right to eminent domain over residential property when needed. That said, an easement can only be utilized for specific purposes, so it's important to be aware of this information up front.

For example, easements are helpful for providing a pathway across two or more private properties to a public area.

This could include allowing individuals to walk through private property to reach a public beach or park. An easement could also grant the temporary use of private property for the construction of a public project.

What is a Deed Restriction?

Deed Restrictions, or restrictive covenants, are private agreements that restrict or limit the use of certain activities on real property. Specified in the deed, restrictions can include everything from what colors you can paint the exterior of your house to where you're allowed to park and even specific roofing codes the property owner must adhere to.

It's important for property owners and real estate professionals to be aware of any restrictive covenants on a property. This helps avoid potential issues in the future and ensures both the seller and property owner are on the same page.

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