Nationwide Chain of Title Search Reports

Trace any U.S. property's ownership as far back as needed with our Chain of Title Search services!

We utilize our network of over 1,500 experienced abstractors to search for the property ownership information you need.

What Does a Chain of Title Search Report Include?

Our Chain of Title Search Report Includes: 

  • Ownership history dating as far back as needed 
  • Current ownership information 
  • Ownership transfers
  • Copies of all deeds found during the specified time period (by request)

The report can be customized to meet your needs — we can search as far back as necessary in order to produce the ownership information as reflected in the county indexes. 

Why Do I Need a Chain Of Title Search?

A Chain of Title Report can reveal if there are any concerns or liabilities with a property in question.  One example could be a gap in the property’s ownership history in the county records.  Regardless, whatever is found in county records will be fully reported to you for your due diligence.

Nationwide Chain of Title Searches

If you want to make sure a property has a clean chain of title, let our document retrieval experts handle the search for you! We specialize in Chain of Title searches as part of our mortgage information services, so we know exactly how to find what you need.

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