What is a Title Search?

Wondering what a title search actually is? It involves looking into all public records filed on a piece of real estate that establish ownership. This includes everything from tax information to voluntary and involuntary liens.

How Long Do Title Search Services Take?

A title search can take anywhere from 24 hours to a few days to complete. The length of time a title search takes depends on how far back we need to search, and how many different types of documents you need to be included in your title search report.

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Once we complete the title search, we'll send you a title report. This report gives you an overview of the ownership status of the property.

How much does a title search cost?

A title search can cost anywhere from $50-$250 depending on a few different factors, including whether or not the property has a lengthy, complicated history. A title search can also cost a bit more if the document is located in a rural county that hasn't computerized its records. Sorting through physical deed books takes much longer than searching through a database on a computer.

What States Do You Cover with Title Search Services?

We provide title search services in all 50 states!

Does Blue Streak Docs Provide Title Searches for Commercial Property?

No, we don't offer title searches for commercial property at this time.

Can Blue Streak Docs’ Title Searches be Used for a Closing?

No - the title search reports produced by Blue Streak Docs are intended for informational/due diligence purposes only and cannot be used in relation to any insured product.

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