Mortgage Lenders will always need to know that their mortgage is in first place. Whenever there is a doubt, our clients know that they can order a Lien Position Search from Blue Streak Docs to find out if they are in first position, or if not, that they need to remedy the matter immediately.

Provide us with your target mortgage and our report will tell you if any other liens are ahead of your mortgage or that you are safely in first place. We can provide just recording information of what was found or copies, as you desire.

Property Lien

There are three types of liens to be considered:

  • Consensual (Voluntary), such as a Purchase-Money mortgage
  • Statutory, such as a Mechanic's Lien or a Tax Lien
  • Judgment Lien, created when a court grants a creditor an interest in a debtor's property

Our Lien Position Report takes all three types into consideration when checking your lien position.

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