Nationwide Voluntary Lien Searches

Sometimes you need a full property title search. Other times, you might just need to know one or two pieces of information. If that's the case for you, then you're in the right place! 

Blue Streak Docs offers individual mortgage information services so you don't always have to pay for a full title search. Our voluntary lien search is perfect if you only need information on voluntary liens on a specific property.

What is a Voluntary Lien Search?

A Voluntary Lien Search is a search that reports on all voluntary liens filed against a property. Our expert document retrieval and title search teams will search through local records to find any open voluntary liens on your property.

What Does a Voluntary Lien Search Include?

Based on client requirements, we can report on any of the following:

  • All open voluntary liens 
  • Liens that were released over a specific time period 
  • Liens released during a specific ownership period of the property 

While any of our mortgage information reports can be customized to meet your needs, here's what our voluntary lien search typically includes: 

  • All open voluntary liens 
  • Position of each open lien 
  • All liens that have been released over a specific period of time (or ownership) 
  • Full report with all information discovered 
  • Copies of all relevant documents 

Voluntary Lien Search vs Title Report

The voluntary lien report is a much simpler report than a full property title search. A title search shows all open liens against a property, whether they're voluntary or involuntary. On the other hand, a voluntary lien search only shows items such as a Purchase Money Mortgage and Home Equity Line of Credit.

Need a Voluntary Lien Search?

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