Update Search Report for Past Title Searches

If you've previously ordered a title search through Blue Streak Docs and want to make sure you're basing decisions on the latest information, our update search report is the perfect solution.

What is an Update Search Report?

Our update search reports bring any previous title search reports current, as long as they were done within the last six months.

The title search report includes:

  • Updated tax information
  • New documents that have been recorded since the last title search report
  • Any new ownership information

Why Would I Need an Update Search Report?

You may have ordered a number of Title Searches, such as Current Owner, Two Owner, or even 30-year searches, but as time passes the reports themselves become outdated. Instead of having to order new searches, our Update Search will ensure your information is fully valid at a much lower cost to you.

Guaranteed, Up-to-Date Title Reports!

Don't spend money on new title search reports if you already ordered them recently! Our update search reports ensure you have all the property information you need based on the most recent county through dates anywhere in the US.

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