Another document retrieval service that Blue Streak Docs provides is UCC Searches. To get started, all we need from you is the name of the debtor and location. Once your search for a UCC filing (Uniform Commercial Code) is submitted into our system, it will be handled through our Document Retrieval Department. We are able to accept any size project (from 1 to thousands) and they can be quickly downloaded into our proprietary system. We’ll provide your search requirements to our vendor network the same day that we receive your requests so that your turn-around time is minimized.

UCC Filing

A UCC Filing Search consists of searching public records at the county level for a UCC filing. Your results will include:

  • Photocopy (if requested)
  • Name of debtor
  • Names of any secured parties
  • Date of transaction
  • Date of recording, etc.

The search can include terminations and continuances as well.

UCC Lien Search

We can deliver this service anywhere in the US at the county and state level. Simply submit the information for the UCC lien that you need, we’ll track down all the documents you need. We can help you keep track of our progress with daily and weekly Open Orders Reports, sent per your requests. Our in house research staff is also always available to answer any questions you may have during the search period. Once your UCC filings are returned to our office they will go through a thorough quality assurance check to ensure only the correct documents are returned to you.

Document Retrieval — Blue Streak Docs

Document Retrieval is Blue Streak Docs’ specialty. We have built considerable experience researching county indexes for all sorts of documents nationwide and in dealing with the courthouse personnel and researchers who perform our document retrieval work. We offer this “turn-key” service to you so that your document retrieval needs are met with the least amount of hassle. Use our document retrieval expertise in locating your UCC filings and see the difference.

Blue Streak Docs was founded to be your secret weapon for you – the mortgage professional, and by letting you be more productive with your time, we fulfill that goal. So don’t waste any more time searching — let Blue Streak Docs do it for you!

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