Mail In Document Recording*-Nationwide

We can record any real estate documents in any jurisdiction within the United States. Whether you have a mortgage/deed of trust, assignments, deeds, or modifications, we’ve handled them all and can give you the service that you need based on your requirements. We can handle from one to thousands of documents at a time.

Recording Services-Property Records

We have inexpensive options that you can choose from to ensure that your documents are recorded within your time frame and expectations:

  • First Class Mail-In Document Recording: Normally used for very large projects of documents being recorded such as releases, assignments, etc. Once the original recorded document has been returned to us, we will deliver it back to you for proof of recordation.
  • Priority Mail & Track Document Recording: A step up in service which allows us to track your documents to provide evidence that they have arrived at the courthouse. Proof of recordation provided by returning the original document back to you.
  • FedEx/UPS Delivery Document Recording: When a document must arrive at the courthouse by a certain date and must be tracked to arrival. Once recorded, your original document will be returned to you as evidence of being of record.

The above methods are effective, yet inexpensive ways to get your documents recorded. We can provide open order reports to help you keep track of each document every step of the way.

Blue Streak Docs also offers these Document Recording Services:

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* Blue Streak Docs shall not be responsible for any title updates or bring downs when instructed to record any documents in the public records.

** The information and documents provided by Blue Streak Docs are not intended for use in issuing, investigating, or underwriting any insured product, including but not limited to, title insurance policies.

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