Nationwide Services Mortgage Note Investors

If you work with investors who buy and sell mortgage portfolios, it is imperative to have a reliable and professional title search company with a national footprint. They should be able to provide accurate and easy to read Title Reports, Assignment Verification Reports (AVR) and Real Estate Recording services. And they better be FAST!

Deals can be made or broken based on how quickly information is provided – the correct information - the information needed to decide whether or not the portfolio being reviewed is the one they may want to purchase or take a pass on.

We understand that. We have performed thousands of searches to help investors decide on their next move and then follow those searches up with assignment recordings all over the country. And every step of the way, we ensure that our client is kept up-to-date with our progress utilizing the best reporting capabilities in the industry. Rest assured that Blue Streak Docs will do whatever we have to do to make your deadlines.

Our services include for the Mortgage Investor:

We can E-Record or Walk your documents in to any courthouse in the US – when it MUST be recorded on time or when continued monitoring and follow up is required for delinquent counties

For Due Diligence, Lien Position, Liens/Judgment checks, Legal and Vesting Verification, Property Tax information, Assignment Verification Reporting (AVR)

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