What States Do You Cover with Document Recording Services?

We provide document recording services to all 50 states, though not every single county subscribes to eRecording services. You can view a full list of counties we're able to service in each state on our eRecording services page.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Document Recorded?

That depends upon many factors, including which level of service you choose. Mail-In service can take weeks. Walk-In service can often be accomplished within a few days and eRecording can usually be done within 24 hours. Other factors that can influence completion time include counties that are weeks (sometimes months) behind, holidays, inclement weather, and remoteness of the county.

What Type of Documents Do You Record?

We can record any documents related to the mortgage and real estate industries.

How are My Documents Kept Track of Once Sent to be Recorded?

eRecorded documents never leave our office, so they can never be lost. We always minimally recommend Priority Mail when mailing documents directly to the courthouse (preferably FedEx) so that they can be tracked. We always ship FedEx when having your documents walked in so that they are tracked.

How Can I Get More Information on Recording Services as Well as Pricing?

Please email us at info@bluestreakdocs.com and someone will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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