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Homeowner and condo associations follow a set of legally enforceable rules called covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&R). If you need to view the CC&Rs for a specific property, we can help!

Blue Streak Docs has been providing mortgage information to legal and real estate professionals for over ten years, so our team knows how to find exactly what you need!

Here's how our CC&R search report works and what it includes.

What is a CC&R?

A covenant is considered to be a formal agreement between two parties. When that term is used in real estate, it can commonly be referring to "covenants, conditions, and restrictions" or CC&Rs.

Most CC&Rs spell out various conditions or restrictions placed upon the buyer of real estate. These restrictions can either be currently applicable or something that may apply to the home buyer in the future.

Examples of restrictions a CC&R may contain include:

  • Limitations on exterior changes
  • Rules about whether or not the owner can rent the property
  • Requirements for keeping up with repairs and maintenance
  • Regulations such as noise restrictions, allowed pets, and smoking rules

CC&R Search & Retrieval

All we need from you to get started with our CC&R search is the address of the target property. Once we have that information, we'll conduct a public records search to locate any CC&Rs for said property. Our document retrieval services are second to none, so you can rest assured you'll receive your documents as fast as possible!

After locating the CC&Rs, we can either provide the recording information or send over actual copies -- whichever works best for you!

Need a CC&R for a Residential Property?

Whether the property in question is in Florida, California, or rural Montana, we'll find and retrieve its CC&R.

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