You guys are great to work with and always seem very understanding when issues delay a report. I really enjoy working with Josh Rosenbaum, he is generally my “contact” and he’s always very gracious. He’ll call instead of the sending the never ending emails asking about an ETA. That’s valuable in my world because I’m generally hitting the streets and a phone call is just easier. Again, y’all are a great group and have provided for my business, which ultimately supports my family, and for that I’m extremely grateful. God has blessed me with a great opportunity and y’all are part of it.

B.D. (vendor) 2022-05-06 10:45:12.000000

Your webpage is one of our top two favorites of the companies we service. Working with your support team is probably the easiest of the companies we service. We get meaningful responses in minimal time.

J.S. (vendor) 2022-05-06 10:42:47.000000

Thanks for the opportunity. One of the things that I value about Blue Streak Docs is the open and timely lines of communication. Additionally if we have any issues or problems with any search product we get guidance and knowledgeable clarification on how to proceed. We will always be honest about what we can or can’t do to meet your time and search guidelines.

M.B. (vendor) 2022-05-06 10:41:10.000000

Thanks for taking care of this. You’re always very helpful, glad to jump in and help and we really appreciate it. We have worked with Blue Streak for years and have always had the best people to work with which makes are job so much easier.

C.S. (vendor) 2022-04-13 16:19:17.000000

I have been working with Blue Streak Docs for many years. The people that work there are always extremely helpful and understanding and have become good friends and work colleagues. I have been working Justine and her team for the last few months and can’t say enough how awesome they are. They keep me up to date on files, they answer back my questions quickly and efficiently. Justine has been a great contact to have with Blue Streak! She usually is my first call in the morning with a bright and cherry attitude. Thanks Justine for all you do !

D.G. (vendor) 2022-04-13 16:17:58.000000

BSD is a great company to work with. Everyone there is very helpful and friendly. Cassie Olson in particular has been of great assistance recently, not just with daily order coordination, but also in referring me to Patti to get an undeposited check voided and reissued. Patti was very prompt in her assistance with this issue as well. April has also been very helpful. In fact, everyone I’ve ever interacted with there has been great! Highly recommend both the company and personnel. I love working with all of you and a million stars to everyone!!! Thanks!

J.F. (vendor) 2022-04-13 16:14:40.000000

I really like working with BSD as a whole and especially with the vendor managers. They have been continually understanding of my queries and requests concerning difficult or lengthy orders. Our relationship, regarding these, inevitably ends up with my giving a fair price and the vendor manager understanding the situation. I also like the follow-up calls and emails which help to spot anything that may have gotten missed. BSD’s payment system is very easy to work with both from an invoicing standpoint (saving time for me) and for my account reconciliations. I love the ResWare Portal that BSD created. It makes it fast and easy to upload orders quickly.

P.C. (vendor) 2022-04-13 16:10:42.000000

I’ve been doing this for 20 years and Blue Streak Docs is my main client. You guys have helped me feed my family for years. Thank you!

B.G. (vendor) 2022-04-13 16:04:48.000000

Justine, you guys are amazing! We love the work you send, even though we complain about how much a pain it is doing those two owners, I find them quite fun! And of course, you personally, are a lovely human being. When I see a Blue Streak call, I always hope its you! Customer service is always so much better with a fun person on the other side. I also really appreciate your understating that sometimes flexibility is needed with some ETA’s. Anyway! I need to get back to doing your work!

I.A. (vendor) 2022-04-13 15:58:24.000000

I am extremely pleased to write this for Josh. Josh and I have only worked together since the beginning of January and I find him to be very kind and professional which in turn makes my job that much easier. Every day I look forward to working with Blue Streak Docs because I have the pleasure of working with Josh. He always ends the conversation with “You have a wonderful day, Miss Rose.”. I want Josh to know that I appreciate him very much – Blue Streak Docs has a wonderful team player – I would give him and A+.

R.C. (vendor) 2022-04-13 15:55:57.000000

I have worked with Josh for the last two months since he started earlier this year. I receive regular follow-up calls and emails regarding orders in process and he has been very friendly, easy to work with and promptly resolves any issues/fee approvals that have come about along the way. A joy to have as my vendor coordinator.

D.T. (vendor) 2022-04-13 15:51:33.000000

I applaud Justine and her team with their professionalism and courteous attitudes. Justine’s phone calls are always a pleasure. She asks how I am doing and politely asks on statuses. Her demeanor brings me a smile. So easy to work with on a daily basis.

M.D. (vendor) 2022-04-13 15:50:28.000000

Well what can I say about Justine!!!! She is awesome!!! I can always count on her to answer my emails immediately… get questioned answered. Price quotes and up charges approved… She is a great person to work with. And the best thing is Justine knows I am not an early morning person, so she always waits till 10AM or after to call me…. That is one thing that I really appreciate. It makes it known that I am not just some vendor on the other end of the phone, She has always made me feel part of the team…. inclusive!! I have been a vendor for Blue Steak Docs since November 2007, and its been my pleasure to work for such a great company with great employees like Justine to with.

M.G. (vendor) 2022-04-13 15:49:17.000000

I have had the pleasure of working with Blue Streak Docs since 2018 and I can’t say enough about the great experience it has been. The staff is incredible and in particular Justine who has been great. As a searcher, the window to obtain information can be limited by the court house so having a quick response or to clarify a request in a moment is essential. I hope to continue our business partnership for many years as this group is a joy to work with.

P.H. (vendor) 2022-04-13 15:47:05.000000

Justine is always kind, courteous, professional and friendly. She always uses the “sugar” approach to get what she wants and I love working with her!!

M.H. (vendor) 2022-04-13 15:45:15.000000

I very much enjoy working with Blue Streak Docs. Everyone I’ve dealt with has been very professional and courteous. Amanda and Josh are both a pleasure to work with. The new ResWare system has made things much easier especially when dealing with large numbers of orders. Keep up the good work!

J.T. (vendor) 2022-04-13 15:44:06.000000

Your webpage is one of our top two favorites of the companies we service. Working with your support team is probably the easiest of the companies we service. We get meaningful responses in minimal time.

J.S. (vendor) 2022-04-13 15:41:42.000000

Justine, I just wanted to reach out and tell you how much I enjoy working with you.
I’ve been with Blue Streak Docs for quite a while now, and it seems as time passes they hire better and better people. Your knowledge and efficiency is appreciated, but even more valued is your kind and joyful personality. Sometimes you are the brightest spot in my day. I have a one client that I tolerate, several that I don’t mind and 2 that I love corresponding and working with. Of course, Blue Streak is in the top two, thanks to you and a couple of other outstanding people that I get to work with regularly. I hope you stick around for awhile and realize how you are treasured.

D.H. (vendor) 2022-03-24 13:45:31.000000

Joshua Rosenbaum is always a pleasure to work with. He is very kind and you can always hear the smile in his voice.

C.D. (vendor) 2022-03-24 13:43:07.000000

My favorite thing about Blue Streak Docs is their awesome team! Specifically both Amanda and Josh stand out as efficient, helpful and a joy to work with. Thanks to you both for all you do!

D.H. (vendor) 2022-03-24 13:42:08.000000

Thank you for your continued work, I wanted to reach out quickly to let you know how much I greatly appreciate it. I hope that everyone there and your families have a wonderful new year.

M.G. (vendor) 2022-02-07 16:23:16.000000

Good morning, I just wanted to reach out to say thank you for all the business you all have sent my way the past several years. It is greatly appreciated by myself and my family. It has been great to work with all of you. I hope that everyone at Blue Streak Docs has a safe and wonderful holiday with your family and friends and a happy New Year!

B.G. (vendor) 2022-02-07 16:22:47.000000

Victoria, I wanted to take a minute to thank you for all of your help and communication on these things that have popped up. Hope you had a good weekend.

J.D. (vendor) 2022-02-07 16:19:48.000000

Hi, I am very much happy to work with Blue Streak Docs. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

A.S. (vendor) 2022-02-07 16:17:44.000000

Really, I am very happy to work with you. It is a nice experience.

A.D. (vendor) 2022-02-07 16:17:05.000000
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