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Not 100% sure if a property lien has been released? Our lien release search can confirm it for you!

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Why Would I Need a Lien Release Search?

Lenders and servicers often require confirmation that a voluntary lien has been released through a search of county indexes and that a copy of the release or satisfaction has been obtained.

Since these release documents are often mailed out to the county without any tracking, sometimes by the hundreds or thousands, it's common for some of these original documents not to reach their destination at the county recorder’s office.

A lien release search ensures your mortgage has been released and provides whatever proof you need.

Obtaining a Lien Release Document

Whenever there is any doubt around a lien release, Blue Streak Docs can verify if your mortgage has been released. We can provide you with recording information and/or a copy of the recorded release.

Here's How to Get a Property Lien Release

A Lien Release is an important document to have in the collateral files of any servicer or mortgage company – we can help make your files complete.

Just provide us with the necessary information on your target mortgage and we can turn around the results quickly. You will receive a typed report with full information of what was found and any copies needed.

Need a Lien Release for a Property in the U.S.?

Look no further than Blue Streak Docs! Our skilled document retrieval team is capable of finding all kinds of mortgage-related documents as quickly (and accurately!) as possible.

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