Nationwide Document Services for Credit Unions

The recent demand for Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCs) has put a lot of stress on Credit Unions to acquire accurate information in order to approve HELOC applications.  Our title search products can quickly and easily help you decide whether to extend credit or not.  We cover the entire country and our turnaround times are 24 – 72 hours in most cases.

Don’t let the rush of applications bog you down with obtaining the due diligence information you need.  We can also record your documents, in many cases we can E-Record with a 24 hour submission upon our receipt of the original document.

Take A Look At All Of Our Specialty Services That You Can Take Advantage Of Right Away:

Current Owner, Two Owner, 10, 20, 30 Year Searches for informational or due diligence purposes

Lien & Judgment Search, Property Tax Status, Divorce, Probate

Real Estates Documents from Public Records and Civil Court Files

Real Estate Documents that can be E-recorded or Walked-In to be recorded immediately

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