A Vesting & Legal Search Report is a basic property report that we can provide to you when only the following information is necessary:

  • A copy of the property’s most recent deed
  • A typed report that includes a full legal description of the property

Property Legal Description

To ensure the correct deed and legal description are obtained, we would require the grantee’s name(s), the complete address of the property and the county in which the property is located. We will work off of the most recent deed whether it is a warranty or quit claim deed. If out of family deed is required we offer additional options for that type of search.

Vesting Deed - Defined

A deed is defined as “A written instrument, which has been signed and delivered, by which one individual, the grantor, conveys title to real property to another individual, the grantee; a conveyance of land…”

“Land can only be transferred from one individual to another in the legally prescribed manner. Historically speaking, a written deed is the instrument used to convey ownership of real property.”

~from the Free Dictionary by Farlex

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