Nationwide Document Services Mortgage Professionals

Supplying Mortgage Companies/Servicers with adequate property, borrower and mortgage information is our specialty and has been for years.  We can assist you with the post-closing and due diligence information that you as a mortgage professional need.  We understand that time is of the essence especially when it comes to compliance and we are here to help you with the most accurate and timely searches in the industry.

We provide the following products for Mortgage Professionals:

Mortgage / Deed of Trust, Assignments, AVR, Subordinations, Releases, Modifications – whatever documents you may need to complete your files, for payoffs, modifications and to ensure that you do not fall out of compliance.

We can E-Record or Walk your documents in to any courthouse in the US – when it MUST be recorded on time or when continued monitoring and follow up is required for delinquent counties

For Due Diligence, Lien Position, Liens/Judgment checks, Legal and Vesting Verification, Property Tax information

Lien & Judgment Search, Property Tax Status, Divorce, Probate

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