Nationwide Foreclosure Title Search*

We provide nationwide foreclosure title search reports for the legal profession so you don’t have to worry about hunting down independent title abstractors to get your searches done.

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What is a Foreclosure Title Search Report?

Our foreclosure title search report covers all the important information you'll need in order to proceed with foreclosure — it's very comprehensive. The report is backed by full documents of all filings found on the target property.

What Does a Foreclosure Title Search Include?

While we can customize a foreclosure title search to meet your specific needs, they typically include:

  • Property owner search - We can include a current owner search, two owner search, or a search for 10, 20, or 30 years depending on your requirements
  • Full chain of title provided
  • Bankruptcy cases -  We will search civil court records for bankruptcy cases
  • Probate records - Probate search available upon request (may result in additional charges)
  • Voluntary and involuntary liens - Search of public records for open voluntary and involuntary liens against the property
  • Full assignment chain - We provide a full assignment chain for all open mortgages provided to show current mortgage holders
  • Copy of plat map

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