Sam Gendusa August 6, 2021

There are many different types of document retrieval, but what is certified document retrieval?  

Our document retrieval experts are here to teach you what certified document retrieval is and how the process works. 

In the mortgage industry, document retrieval is the activity of locating any missing documents that may be filed on real estate property in any of the 3,600 county courthouses in the United States.  

These documents are retrieved for mortgage companies, banks, investment firms, and attorneys. They can be needed for a variety of reasons, such as completing mortgage record files, completing a transaction, trust and will preparations, or evidence for legal cases. The documents retrieved are usually photocopies of the original, sent in PDF format.

Certified Document Retrieval is a specialized form of document retrieval where the County Clerk certifies the photocopy as a true and complete document with an official seal and signature. It can then be treated as an original document.

Certified Copies vs Plain Copies

Plain copies of documents, or non-certified copies, are just a copy of the original. When you order a certified copy of a document, it's signed and stamped by the County Clerk. This certifies the document as its own, "original", version. 

Plain copies do not count as an "original" version, as they aren't signed or certified by the county issuing the document.

Why Order a Certified Copy of a Document?

A certified copy of a document can be used for more situations than a regular copy of a document. Some states and foreign governments may require a certified copy instead of a plain copy, as the certification proves authenticity.

Certified documents are sometimes required for closing financial transactions. They might also be needed to meet certain government requirements or to be used in foreign affairs.

How Do I Get a Certified Copy of a Document?

Obtaining a certified copy of a document requires going to the county courthouse where the document is located, retrieving the document from the proper department, and having the county clerk sign and stamp the document.

While you could go to your local courthouse yourself and try to get a certified copy of a document, the best solution is to let Blue Streak Docs handle your certified document retrieval needs.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to locate the proper document or acquire the certification. Instead of dealing with the headache of your local courthouse and spending time waiting around for your document, simply place your order through Blue Streak Docs and let us handle it all from start to finish!

How Does Certified Document Retrieval Work?

We have been retrieving certified documents from county courthouses all over the US since 2010, and our certified document retrieval process is as quick and efficient as possible.

We start off by locating where the document is filed. We then have one of our agents go into the courthouse to retrieve it and ensure the clerk signs and stamps the document, which officially certifies it. It is then immediately shipped to our office for quality assurance.

We also scan it into our system so that you have evidence of the document being retrieved and certified. Once the above has been done, it is shipped to you right away.

Nationwide Certified Document Retrieval

Let Blue Streak Docs be your one-stop solution for all of your certified document retrieval needs.  

Our streamlined methods of obtaining certified documents are second to none. We can retrieve any real estate related documents and have them certified, including:

  • Mortgages, Deeds of Trust
  • Any type of Deeds
  • Modifications, Assignments
  • Releases
  • Powers of Attorney
  • And any other documents found in public records

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