Blue Streak Docs is full of title search experts. With our Pennsylvania property title search services, we'll comb through all available records and pull property ownership documents, voluntary or involuntary liens, and any other encumbrances that may exist. 

We report property title information with lightning-fast speed, whether you need information on a current property owner, a 20-year title search, or a foreclosure title search. 

Our property title search reports can be used for many applications including foreclosure, bankruptcy, deed in lieu of foreclosure and other informational purposes. 

What's Included in a PA Title Search?

Our PA Title Searches report on everything our title abstractors have located in public records. Once we've completed the title search, we compile everything into a comprehensive, easy-to-read report that includes copies of all related documents to back up the report's information. 

Your PA Property Title Search contains information including: 

  • Voluntary and involuntary liens 
  • Judgments and property tax information 
  • Property ownership information 
  • Assignments 
  • Modifications 
  • Lien releases 
  • Special assessments 
  • Assessed valuations

How Long Does a Title Search Take in PA?

Depending on the information you need, a title search in Pennsylvania can take anywhere from 24 to 72 hours. It may take a bit longer if you need a title search from a rural county, or if your search goes back 50-60 or more years. 

Blue Streak Docs prides itself on delivering all Title Search services with lightning-fast speed, so you can rest assured knowing speed and accuracy are always top of mind for us. 

Types Of Property Title Searches in Pennsylvania

While all the information contained in a full PA Title Search report is helpful, you might need less information than a full title search. We know that everyone has different needs when it comes to PA Title Searches, so we offer individual title search services such as: 

Current Owner Search in PA

If all you need is information about the current title holder of a Pennsylvania property, our current owner search is perfect for you. This search only looks at the present title holder or last deed for consideration. 

Our PA current owner search report contains: 

  • Deed information 
  • Open mortgages 
  • Assignments 
  • Involuntary liens 
  • Modifications 
  • Real estate tax information 
  • Judgments 
  • Special assessments 

If you need photocopies of any documents listed above, we'll provide them on request. 

Pennsylvania Two Owner Search

Our Two Owner Search pulls information on the previous title holder of a designated property in Pennsylvania. We can customize your two owner search so it fits your needs — we can include information on a target mortgage, ownership during a specific time period, or a 24-month chain of title. 

Your PA Two Owner Search report includes: 

  • Deed information 
  • Open mortgages 
  • Involuntary liens 
  • Real estate tax information 
  • Judgments 

We can also provide photocopies of any documents requested. 

Pennsylvania Judgment & Lien Search

Our Pennsylvania Judgment and Lien Search report looks for open judgments, tax liens, and any other kind of involuntary lien for a specific property. This search looks at both judgments and liens attached to the property itself or a specific property owner. 

We can perform a Judgment and Lien Search report on any residential property in Pennsylvania, whether you just need one search or are working on a large project. 

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Some things to keep in mind regarding Title Searches in the State of Pennsylvania: Property taxes must be checked at the county level as well as the borough, township or city level in many counties. Tax information in some cases may only be provided by the purchase of a tax certificate.

*The information and documents provided by Blue Streak Docs are not intended for use in issuing, investigating or underwriting any insured product, including but not limited to title insurance policies.

Blue Streak Docs is great. Their website is easy to use and their efficiency and quality of work is excellent. Anytime I have a question or need additional information they are always available and answer my questions or provide the information promptly!
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Pennsylvania Counties Served:

Adams • Allegheny • Armstrong • Beaver • Bedford • Berks • Blair • Bradford • Bucks • Butler • Cambria • Cameron • Carbon • Centre • Chester • Clarion • Clearfield • Clinton • Columbia • Crawford • Cumberland • Dauphin • Delaware • Elk • Erie • Fayette • Forest • Franklin • Fulton • Greene • Huntingdon • Indiana • Jefferson • Juniata • Lackawanna • Lancaster • Lawrence • Lebanon • Lehigh • Luzerne • Lycoming • McKean • Mercer • Mifflin • Monroe • Montgomery • Montour • Northampton • Northumberland • Perry • Philadelphia • Pike • Potter • Schuylkill • Snyder • Somerset • Sullivan • Susquehanna • Tioga • Union • Venango • Warren • Washington • Wayne • Westmoreland • Wyoming • York

Pennsylvania - Economics

Iron smelting, made possible by abundant supplies of ore and of hardwoods for the furnaces, became important in the 18th cent. In the 19th cent., after the Bessemer process made the use of its great bituminous deposits economical, Pennsylvania quickly emerged as the nation’s leading steel producer, but the industry has since declined dramatically. Another Pennsylvania resource, anthracite coal, found in the northeast, long made the state a dominant force in American railroading. Heavy industry has declined in general, but the state still manufactures metal products, transportation equipment, foodstuffs, machinery, chemicals, and a wide variety of plastic, rubber, stone, clay, and glass products.

The Pittsburgh and Philadelphia metropolitan areas, situated at opposite ends of the state and dominating the commercial and industrial life of their regions, present startling contrasts in production and culture. Other leading cities are Allentown, Bethlehem, Erie, Reading, Scranton, and Wilkes-Barre.

Pennsylvania - Facts & Figures

Area:45,333 sq mi (117,412 sq km) Pop
Population:12,281,054 (as of 2000), a 3.4% increase since the 1990 census
Largest City:Philadelphia
Statehood:Dec 12, 1787 (2nd of the original 13 states to ratify the Constitution)
Highest Point:Mt. Davis, 3,213 ft (980 m)
Lowest Point:Sea Level
Nickname:Keystone State
Motto:Virtue, Liberty, and Independence
Bird:Ruffed Grouse
Flower:Mountain Laurel
Abbreviation:Pa, PA

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