West Virginia Document Retrieval Services

Looking for document retrieval services in West Virginia? We've figured out how to speed up the research and document retrieval process to deliver accurate, lightning-fast results.

We can retrieve virtually any real estate document you need, but we specialize in deed searches, civil court case records, and UCC filings.

Document Retrieval For The West Virginia Mortgage Industry

We can search through the public records in any of West Virginia's 55 county courthouses!

Whether you're looking for a property lien, assignment, mortgage, or lien release, our mortgage information services ensure you'll get the documents you need.

You have a few different options when it comes to how you'd like the documents delivered. Choose between:

  • A report on the recording information
  • Photocopies
  • Court-certified documents

How Long Does Document Retrieval in West Virginia Take? 

Document retrieval in West Virginia usually only takes about 24 hours. However, if you need information from a remote county our research team doesn't visit often, this could take a bit longer.

West Virginia Deed Search

Our deed searches are the most reliable you'll find in West Virginia – and the entire country!

To get started on a deed search, we'll need you to provide us with:

  •  The name of the grantor or grantee
  • The county the property is located in
  • Estimated date the property was sold/transferred

If you're looking for a special type of deed, such as a warranty deed, quitclaim deed, or special warranty deed, we can find that for you, too!

We will send you back a report with:

  • The name of the grantor/grantee
  • A legal description of the property
  • Date of transfer
  • Recording date
  • Copy of the deed, per request

Civil Court Case Record Retrieval in West Virginia

While typically considered a bit unconventional and difficult for other document retrieval companies, Blue Streak Docs excels at civil case search and retrieval. We've retrieved civil court records for tens of thousands of clients and know exactly how to navigate local court systems.

Our most common civil court document requests include:

  • Foreclosures
  • Complaints
  • Pleadings
  • Final judgments
  • Divorce cases
  • Notice of default

All we need from you to get started is the name(s) associated with the civil court case and a range of years to search for. Also, if you have the case number, that's even better! We'll be able to get your documents back to you a lot quicker.

West Virginia UCC Search

UCCs can be filed at either the county or state level with West Virginia's Secretary of State.

We need one or more of the following to start a UCC search:

  • The name of the debtor
  • The name of the secured party (if possible)
  • Approximate date of the transaction or recording

We'll send you a UCC search report containing:

  • The name of the debtor
  • Names of any secured parties
  • The date of the transaction and recording
  • Photocopy (if requested)
  • Continuances and terminations (if requested)

Lightning-Fast Document Retrieval in West Virginia

See why thousands of clients choose Blue Streak Docs for their document retrieval needs! We will deliver everything you need with speed and accuracy – whether you need one document or thousands.

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We simply did not have the time or resources to run the searches we needed on a daily basis. Then Blue Streak Docs stepped in and has been doing great ever since.
A.P. (Charleston, WV)

West Virginia Counties Served:

Barbour • Berkeley • Boone • Braxton • Brooke • Cabell • Calhoun • Clay • Doddridge • Fayette • Gilmer • Grant • Greenbrier • Hampshire • Hancock • Hardy • Harrison • Jackson • Jefferson • Kanawha • Lewis • Lincoln • Logan • Marion • Marshall • Mason • McDowell • Mercer • Mineral • Mingo • Monongalia • Monroe • Morgan • Nicholas • Ohio • Pendleton • Pleasants • Pocahontas • Preston • Putnam • Raleigh • Randolph • Ritchie • Roane • Summers • Taylor • Tucker • Tyler • Upshur • Wayne • Webster • Wetzel • Wirt • Wood • Wyoming

West Virginia - Economics

Except on river-bottom lands, on a few small plateaus, and in the northern end of the rolling, fertile Valley of Virginia in the Eastern Panhandle, farming is not extensive. (The population nevertheless is predominantly rural.) Apples, peaches, hay, corn, and tobacco are the principal crops, while broiler chickens, cattle, and dairy products lead in market receipts. West Virginia has extensive natural resources; it is among the nation’s leading producers of bituminous coal, although coal production has declined. Natural gas, stone, cement, salt, and oil are also important.

Utilizing these mineral resources are major glass, chemical (including synthetic textile), and high-technology industries; they are concentrated in the highly industrialized Ohio and Kanawha river valleys, with Charleston a leading center; Huntington and Parkersburg are also important. Other manufactures include primary and fabricated metals and machinery. Steel mills extend south from Pittsburgh, Pa., into the Northern Panhandle; Wheeling is a manufacturing hub there. Lumber has long been an important resource; about two thirds of the land is still forested, most of it in valuable hardwoods. Since the 1960s a number of federal offices and facilities have been built in West Virginia, and government service is a growing employment sector.

West Virginia - Facts & Figures

Area:24,181 sq mi (62,629 sq km)
Population:1,808,344 (as of 2000), a 0.8% increase over 1980 pop
Largest City:Charleston
Statehood:June 20, 1863 (35th state)
Highest Point:Spruce Knob, 4,863 ft (1,483 m)
Lowest Point:Potomac River, 240 ft (73 m)
Nickname:Mountain State
Motto:Montani Semper Liberi (Mountaineers Are Always Free)
Flower:Rhododendron Maximum (Big Laurel)
Tree:Sugar Maple
Abbreviation:W.Va., WV

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