Rhode Island Document Retrieval Services

We provide the most reliable document retrieval services around – if you need any real estate documents in Rhode Island, you've come to the right place!

We've spent years building up an experienced team that knows how to get the documents you need as quickly and accurately as possible. We specialize in deed searches, civil court record retrieval, and UCC searches.

Document Retrieval For The Rhode Island Mortgage Industry

We can search through the public records in any of Rhode Island's five counties. Whether you need a deed search from Providence or a property tax report for a home in Warwick, we've got you covered!


Real estate documents we typically obtain for clients include:

  • Mortgages
  • Assignments
  • Lien releases
  • Deeds
  • And more!

If you need something you don't see on our website, just ask! We work on custom searches for clients all the time, and we're happy to find exactly what your specifications require.

Also, let us know the type of result you're looking for – we can provide a typed report on the recording information, photocopies of the documents, or obtain court-certified documents. 

How Long Does Rhode Island Document Retrieval Take?

Most document retrieval requests can be completed within 24 hours! However, if you need a document from a remote area, it could take a bit longer.

Rhode Island Deed Search

Whether you need the deed for just one property or thousands, we can handle projects of any size!

We've spent years building up a large document retrieval infrastructure so we always know the most efficient way to find a property's deed.

All we need from you to get started with a deed search is:

  • The name of the grantor or grantee
  • Approximate time of conveyance (transfer/sale)
  • The type of deed if you're looking for something specific, such as a warranty, quitclaim, or special warranty deed

We'll send back a report that contains the name of the grantor/grantee, a legal description of the property, the date of transfer and recording, and a copy of the deed if you need one.

Civil Court Record Retrieval in Rhode Island

We've retrieved tens of thousands of civil court case files for clients throughout the United States! We know the ins and outs of Rhode Island's court systems so we can get you exactly what you need.

Civil court case files we retrieve can be related to:

  • Divorce cases
  • Wills
  • Lists of heirs
  • Death certificates
  • Foreclosures

Simply provide us with any names associated with the case and a range of years to search. If you have a case number – even better! Your search can be done a lot quicker if we don't have to search through years of documents.

How Long Does it Take to Retrieve Court Records in Rhode Island?

Most requests for civil case searches can be completed within 48 hours. However, it could take longer if a file needs to be ordered from storage, or the case is in mediation or a judge's chamber.

Rhode Island UCC Search

We're experts at finding UCC filings! It can get a bit tricky sometimes – UCCs can be filed at the county level or the state level, so there's a bit more research to do on the back end. That's why it's best left to our team of experts.

To conduct a UCC search, we need one or more of the following:

  • The name of the debtor
  • The name of the secured party
  • Approximate date of the transaction or recording

We will send back a report with all of the information we could find, including continuances and terminations if needed.

Fast, Accurate Document Retrieval in Rhode Island

We've built a team of document retrieval experts so you never have to worry about spending time finding real estate documents yourself.

Blue Streak Docs provides industry-leading turnaround times, attention to detail, and high-end document tracking technology. Place your order today to see what we can do for you!

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Rhode Island Counties Served:

Barrington • Bristol • Burrillville • Central Falls • Charlestown • Coventry • Cranston • Cumberland • East Greenwich • East Providence • Exeter • Foster • Glocester • Harrisville • Hopkins Hollow • Hopkinton • Jamestown • Johnston • Lincoln • Little Compton • Middletown • Narragansett • New Shoreham/Block Island • Newport • North Kingstown • North Providence • North Smithfield • Pawtucket • Portsmouth • Providence • Richmond • Scituate • Smithfield • South Kingstown • Tiverton • Warren • Warwick • West Greenwich • West Warwick • Westerly • Woonsocket

Rhode Island - Economics

Rhode Island’s traditional manufacturing economy has diversified and is now also based on services, trade (retail and wholesale), and finance. In spite of this, many of the products for which Rhode Island is famous are still being manufactured. These include jewelry, silverware, textiles, primary and fabricated metals, machinery, electrical equipment, and rubber and plastic items. Tourism and gambling are also important. Agriculture is relatively unimportant to the economy. Most of the farmland is used for dairying and poultry raising, and the state is known for its Rhode Island Red chickens. Principal crops are nursery and greenhouse items. Commercial fishing is an important but declining industry. Narragansett Bay abounds in shellfish; flounder and porgy are also caught. Naval facilities at Newport contribute to the state’s income.

Rhode Island - Facts & Figures

Area:1,214 sq mi (3,144 sq km)
Population:1,048,319 (as of 2000), a 4.5% increase since the 1990 census
Largest City:Providence
Statehood:May 29, 1790 (13th of the original 13 states to ratify the Constitution)
Highest Point:Jerimoth Hill, 812 ft (248 m)
Lowest Point:Sea Level
Nickname:Little Rhody
Bird:Rhode Island Red
Tree:Red Maple
Abbreviation:R.I., RI

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