New Mexico Document Retrieval Services

Looking for real estate documents in New Mexico? Whether you need one document or thousands, Blue Streak Docs will get them back to you on time and within budget.

We specialize in deed searches, civil court case record retrieval, and UCC searches. Learn more about how our document retrieval services work here!

Document Retrieval For The New Mexico Mortgage Industry

We can conduct a search through the public records in any of New Mexico's 33 counties.

A few examples of mortgage documents we can retrieve include:

  • Mortgage or property liens
  • Deeds
  • Assignments
  • Lien releases
  • Easements and restrictions
  • CC&Rs
  • And more!

We cater our search results to meet your needs – we can provide photocopies, court-certified documents, or simply report on the recording information discovered.

How Long Does Document Retrieval Take in New Mexico?

Document retrieval in New Mexico usually only takes about 24 hours from start to finish.

That said, if you require documents from a remote county our staff doesn't visit often, it could take a bit longer. But rest assured, we'll keep you updated through every step!

New Mexico Deed Search

Need a deed for residential property in New Mexico? We can help.

Provide us with the name(s) of the grantor or grantee, the property's address, and the county the property's located in. Then, we'll start your deed search that same exact day so we can get your results back to you as quickly as possible.

New Mexico Civil Court Case Record Retrieval

We are experts when it comes to finding civil court case files.

Other document retrieval companies might say they are, too, but they likely haven't spent decades retrieving tens of thousands of civil case files for their clients – but we have.

Civil court case record retrieval includes items such as:

  • Divorce cases
  • Wills
  • List of heirs
  • Foreclosures
  • Judgments
  • Notices
  • And more!

Odds are, if it's a civil court case record, our team can find it. We'll scour New Mexico's probate and other civil court records until we do!

All we ask from you is a list of names and a range of years to search. If you have the case number, it will cut down on the amount of time we need to spend locating your documents.

How Long Does it Take to Find Civil Court Records in New Mexico?

Most civil court record requests in New Mexico can be completed within 48 hours.

However, this could take longer if your case is in a judge's chamber, in mediation, or a file needs to be ordered from storage.  If that's the case for your request, our searchers will consistently check the status of your request until it's completed.

New Mexico UCC Search

Need a UCC search on a property in New Mexico? You've come to the right place!

Whether it's filed at the county level or the state level, our UCC search will find exactly what you need. We'll need the name of the debtor, the name of the secured party (if possible), and the estimated date of the transaction or recording.

We'll send you a report containing:

  • Name of debtor
  • Name of any secured parties
  • Date of transaction
  • Date of recording
  • Photocopy if requested
  • Continuances and terminations (if requested)

Need Document Retrieval Services in New Mexico?

Blue Streak Docs is here to help! Let us know exactly what you need – we're happy to customize your results!

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New Mexico Counties Served:

Bernalillo • Catron • Chaves • Cibola • Colfax • Curry • De Baca • Dona Ana • Eddy • Grant • Guadalupe • Harding • Hidalgo • Lea • Lincoln • Los Alamos • Luna • McKinley • Mora • Otero • Quay • Rio Arriba • Roosevelt • San Juan • San Miguel • Sandoval • Santa Fe • Sierra • Socorro • Taos • Torrance • Union • Valencia

New Mexico - Economics

Much of the state’s income is derived from its considerable mineral wealth. New Mexico is a leading producer of uranium ore, manganese ore, potash, salt, perlite, copper ore, natural gas, beryllium, and tin concentrates. Petroleum and coal are also found in smaller quantities. Silver and turquoise have been used in making jewelry since long before European exploration.

The federal government is the largest employer in the state, accounting for over one quarter of New Mexico’s jobs. A large percentage of government jobs in the state are related to the military; there are several air force bases, along with national observatories and the Los Alamos and Sandia laboratories. Climate and increasing population have aided New Mexico’s effort to attract new industries; manufacturing, centered especially around Albuquerque, includes food and mineral processing and the production of chemicals, electrical equipment, and ordnance. High-technology manufacturing is increasingly important, much of it in the defense industry.

Millions of acres of the wild and beautiful country of New Mexico are under federal control as national forests and monuments and help to make tourism a chief source of income. Best known of the state’s attractions are the Carlsbad Caverns National Park and the Aztec Ruins National Monument. Thousands of tourists annually visit the White Sands, Bandelier, Capulin Volcano, El Morro, Fort Union, Gila Cliff Dwellings, and Salinas Pueblo Missions national monuments and Chaco Culture National Historical Park (see National Parks and Monuments, table). Several of New Mexico’s surviving native pueblos are also much visited.

New Mexico - Facts & Figures

Area:121,666 sq mi (315,115 sq km)
Population:1,819,046 (as of 2000), a 20.1% increase since the 1990 census
Capital:Santa Fe
Largest City:Albuquerque
Statehood:Jan 6, 1912 (47th state)
Highest Point:Wheeler Peak, 13,161 ft (4,014 m)
Lowest Point:Red Bluff Reservoir, 2,817 ft (859 m)
Nickname:Land of Enchantment
Motto:Crescit Eundo (It Grows as It Goes)
Bird:Chaparral (Roadrunner)
Abbreviation:N.Mex, NM

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