Maine Document Retrieval Services Company

We have over a decade of experience retrieving documents for customers in Maine (and the rest of the United States).

While we can easily find whatever you need, we specialize in three types of document retrieval: deed searches, civil court case records, and UCC searches.

Document Retrieval For The Maine Mortgage Industry

We can search through the public records in any of Maine's 16 counties to find your missing mortgage-related documents.

The most common documents we retrieve within the mortgage industry include:

  • Mortgages
  • Deeds
  • Property liens
  • Assignments
  • Lien releases
  • CC&R
  • Property tax status
  • And more!

Let us know whether you prefer photocopies, court-certified copies, or just want us to report on the information discovered.

How Long Does Document Retrieval in Maine Take?

We complete most document retrieval requests within 24 hours! It could only take a bit longer if you need a document from a remote county that our team doesn't visit often.

Maine Deed Search

Need to find a deed for residential property in Maine? We've got you covered!

Provide us with the name(s) of the grantor or grantee, the property's address, and the county the property is located. From there, we'll get started on your deed search immediately!

We will send you a deed search report containing:

  • The name of the grantor or grantee
  • A legal description of the property
  • Date of transfer
  • Recording date
  • Copy of the deed if requested

Civil Court Document Retrieval in Maine

Some document retrieval companies consider civil court case records a bit off the beaten path. But here at Blue Streak Docs, we excel in this area of document retrieval – we've recovered tens of thousands of civil court records for mortgage servicers and law firms.

All we need from you is a list of names related to the case and a range of years to search. If you have the case number, that's even better.

How Long Does Civil Court Case Retrieval Take in Maine?

Most civil court records can be retrieved within 48 hours.

However, the timeline could take longer if the case is in mediation, in a judge's chamber, or if a file needs to be ordered from storage.

If your request will take longer than our standard timeline, rest assured that our searchers will stay up to date on the status of your request. They can provide any updates you need on its status!

Maine UCC Search

UCC filings can be tricky to find sometimes – they can be filed at both the county level or the state level, so there are more records than usual to search through.

Whether you need one UCC search or thousands, we can find exactly what you need on time and within budget. All we need to get started is the name of the debtor and the county to search.

Once your search is complete, we will send you a report containing:

  • The name of the debtor
  • Names of any secured parties
  • Date of transaction
  • Date of recording
  • Photocopy if requested
  • Continuance and terminations (if needed)

Reliable Document Retrieval Services in Maine

We pride ourselves on being an accurate, reliable document retrieval company. If you need any real estate documents retrieved within the state of Maine (or throughout the rest of the United States), try Blue Streak Docs today!

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Maine Counties Served:

Androscoggin • Aroostook North • Aroostook South • Cumberland • Franklin • Hancock • Kennebec • Knox • Lincoln • Oxford East • Oxford West • Penobscot • Piscataquis • Sagadahoc • Somerset • Waldo • Washington • York

Maine - Economics

In the 1980s, Maine successfully transformed a major portion of its economy into trade, service, and finance industries, the greatest growth occurring in and around Portland. Picturesque coastal and island resorts and the promise of tranquil outdoor life hold a strong appeal for tourists, recreational and seasonal visitors, and, increasingly, retirees, and tourism is an important contributor to the state’s economy.
Many of Maine’s traditional economic activities have experienced difficult times in recent years. Fishing, the state’s earliest industry, has declined considerably, although lobsters are still caught in abundance. Lumbering—the first sawmill in America was built in 1623 on the Piscataqua River—dominated industry and the export trade from the days when the white pines provided masts for the British navy, but with the big trees largely exhausted, Maine loggers now produce chiefly pulp for papermaking. The proximity of harbors to forests early encouraged shipbuilding, which reached its peak in the 19th cent. With the disappearance of wooden ships and the related timber trade, commercial activity slackened. Portland, the largest port, now operates far below its substantial capacity, handling chiefly oil for the pipeline to Montreal. Bath Iron Works, which builds warships, remains the state’s largest single-site employer.
Manufacturing is still the largest sector in the state’s economy. Maine is a leading producer of paper and wood products, which are the most valuable of all manufactures in the state. Food products and transportation equipment are also important, but production of leather goods (especially shoes) has declined. The mineral wealth of the state is considerable. Many varieties of granite, including some superior ornamental types, have been used for construction throughout the nation. Sand and gravel, zinc, and peat are found in addition to stone. However, much of Maine’s abundant natural and industrial resources remain undeveloped.

Maine - Facts & Figures

Area:33,215 sq mi (86,027 sq km)
Population:1,274,923 (as of 2000), a 3.8% increase since the 1990 census
Largest City:Portland
Statehood:Mar 15, 1820 (23d state)
Highest Point:Mt. Katahdin, 5,268 ft (1,607 m)
Lowest Point:Sea Level
Nickname:Pine Tree State
Motto:Dirigo (I Direct)
Flower:White Pine Cone and Tassel
Tree:Eastern White Pine
Abbreviation:Me, ME

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