Delaware Document Retrieval Services

Based in Clearwater, FL, we provide Delaware document retrieval services for the mortgage industry including deed searches, civil court records, and UCC searches. Our document retrieval processes have been perfected for over a decade.

Blue Streak Docs offers lightning-fast, accurate results and advanced tracking and reporting technology.

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Document Retrieval for the Delaware Mortgage Industry

As experts at photocopy or certified document retrieval,  Blue Streak Docs will search through public records in any of Delaware's three counties.

Whether you need to find a missing document in New Castle, Kent, or Sussex, we’ll help in any way we can! At your request, we’ll also provide photocopies or certified copies of the documents in question.

We retrieve documents such as:

  • Mortgages
  • Deeds
  • Property liens
  • Lien releases
  • Assignments
  • And more!

How Long Does Document Retrieval in Delaware Take?

Most document requests are returned within 24 hours, though if you need records from a remote part of the state, the process may take longer. That said, we will keep you informed on the status of your request!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our in-house staff.

Delaware Deed Search

Blue Streak Docs conducts deed searches throughout Delaware. We can search for any mortgages or releases you need within a specific time frame.

To start, we’ll ask for the name(s) of the grantor or grantee, the property’s address, and the county the property is located in. We’ll search through county public records and keep you updated on what we find.

If requested, we’ll also send a copy of the deed.

Civil Court Document Retrieval in Delaware

Are you looking for civil court-related documents in Delaware? We have the resources to get these documents to you as quickly as possible!

We’ll search through county records to find any documents related to civil court cases, including:

  • Foreclosures
  • Divorce cases
  • Death certificates
  • List of heirs
  • Wills

Blue Streak Docs has retrieved tens of thousands of civil case files over the years, so we understand the intricacies of Delaware's court systems. All we’ll need is a list of names and a range of years to search. However, if you have a case number, the process typically moves faster!

How Long Does Court Case Retrieval Take in Delaware?

Most court documents can be retrieved within 48 hours. Nevertheless, there are a few factors that could impact how long it takes to retrieve court documents in Delaware.

For example, if the case is in mediation or the judge’s chamber, the process could take longer. Files that need to be ordered from storage may also create delays. Because the process can be somewhat involved, we’ll keep you updated on the status of each of your requests.

Delaware UCC Search

A Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) search includes retrieving UCC liens or UCC filings. These documents can be filed at the county or state level, and once located, our searchers can download findings into our industry-leading reporting software.

We can find UCC filings and liens and provide information back to you on:

  • Name of the debtor
  • Names of any secured parties
  • Date of transaction
  • Date of recording
  • Continuances
  • Terminations

Interested in Delaware UCC search? All we need is the name of the debtor and the location of the property. If you have the name of the secured party, perfect!

Upon your request, we’ll provide you with copies of the retrieved documents or send the complete recording information.

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H.L.E. (Wilmington, DE)

Delaware Counties Served:

Kent • New Castle • Sussex

Delaware - Economics

Because of Delaware’s lenient laws regulating business taxation and practice, some of the nation’s largest corporations, especially banking and financial services companies, have major offices in N Delaware. Since the 1990s the finance and insurance sectors have become increasingly important for employment and income and now dominant the state’s economy, although manufacturing and agriculture are still significant. The manufacturing, credit card, banking, and insurance industries are largely concentrated in the north, while farming is carried on mainly below the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal.

Chief agricultural products are broiler chickens, soybeans, corn, and dairy products. Potatoes and other vegetables are also grown. Delaware’s small fishing industry harvests mainly clams, menhaden, oysters, and scup. Industries around Wilmington include the large chemicals and materials company that was founded by the Du Pont family in the 19th cent., and the biomedical, apparel, processed foods, rubber and plastic products, and transportation equipment industries contribute significantly to the economy. Also economically important are Dover Air Force Base, the largest military facility in the state; tourism, mainly to the state’s Atlantic beaches; and gambling.

Delaware - Facts & Figures

Area:2,057 sq mi (5,328 sq km)
Population:783,600 (as of 2000) , a 17.6% increase since the 1990 census
Largest City:Wilmington
Statehood:Dec 7, 1787 (1st of the original 13 states to ratify the Constitution)
Highest Point:442 ft (135 m), New Castle County
Lowest Point:Sea Level
Nickname:First State
Motto:Liberty and Independence
Bird:Blue Hen Chicken
Flower:Peach Blossom
Tree:American Holly
Abbreviation:Del, DE

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