Nevada Document Recording - Real Estate Documents

Get your documents recorded in any county in the State of Nevada as well as any county in the United States!

We have several inexpensive options to record your real estate documents which include first class mail away, priority mail with tracking and FedEx/UPS delivery.

In time sensitive situations our nationwide network of recording agents hand deliver your document directly to the clerk to ensure your documents are recorded without delay. You go straight to the front of the line, past piles of documents mailed to the clerk's office, which can take weeks to get recorded. Once your document is recorded, we provide a copy of the recorded document or a county receipt with recording information – whichever fits your needs.

Occasionally, some counties become badly backlogged. This could delay the recording of your document even when we hand deliver it. If this happens, we monitor your document closely and keep you informed of the progress until we confirm it has been recorded.

Fast Electronic Document Recording in the State of Nevada

When the recording is complete, you receive a confirmation of recording and a copy of the recorded document. This is much faster and more cost efficient than standard recording and we recommend it whenever possible! Find out more about electronic document recording.

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Nevada Counties Served:

Carson City • Churchill • Clark • Douglas • Elko • Esmeralda • Eureka • Humboldt • Lander • Lincoln • Lyon • Mineral • Nye • Pershing • Storey • Washoe • White Pine

Nevada - Economics

Nevada’s riches do not grow from its land; rather, almost incredible wealth lies below its surface. Although copper mining is now much less dominant than before, Nevada is the nation’s leading producer of gold, silver, and mercury. Petroleum, diatomite, and other minerals are also extracted. The state’s manufactures include gaming machines and products, aerospace equipment, lawn and garden irrigation devices, and seismic monitoring equipment. Warehousing and trucking are also significant Nevada industries.

Nevada’s economy, however, is overwhelmingly based on tourism, especially the gambling (legalized in 1931) and resort industries centered in Las Vegas and, to a lesser extent, Reno and Lake Tahoe. Gambling taxes are a primary source of state revenue. The service sector employs about half of Nevada’s workers. Liberal divorce laws made Reno “the divorce capital of the world” for many years, but similar laws enacted in other states ended this distinction. Much of Nevada (almost 80% of whose land is federally owned) is given over to military and related use. Nellis Air Force Base and the Nevada Test Site have been the scene of much nuclear and aircraft testing; Yucca Mountain is slated to be the primary depository for U.S. nuclear wastes.

Nevada - Facts & Figures

Area:110,540 sq mi (286,299 sq km)
Population:1,998,257 (as of 2000), a 66.3% increase since the 1990 census
Capital:Carson City
Largest City:Las Vegas
Statehood:Oct 31, 1864 (36th state)
Highest Point:Boundary Peak, 13,143 ft (4,009 m)
Lowest Point:Colorado River, 470 ft (143 m)
Nickname:Silver State
Motto:All for Our Country
Bird:Mountain Bluebird
Tree:Single-leaf Piñon
Abbreviation:Nev, NV

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