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The variety of different requests we receive under the category of Mortgage Information has expanded immensely over the past few years.  Mortgage professionals now need reports that will detail specific aspects of their borrowers and the collateral properties.  To answer these needs, Blue Streak Docs has expanded its product line to thirteen different reports that can cover nearly any need in the mortgage industry.

Real Estate Documents

To ensure that we can completely satisfy all of our clients in the real estate, investment and legal industries, we now can offer nationwide “one stop shopping” when it comes to anything related to real estate documents. 

You should be able to find the exact product that you need in the list below.  But if not, you can inquire here.

Deed Search Report

Verify current property ownership with a Deed Search Report. We will search the county records and provide the most recent deed of record.

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Vesting & Legal Search Report

We will provide a copy of the most recent deed on your property as well as a report providing full legal description of the property.

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Assignment Verification Report(AVR)

An Assignment Verification Report will verify who is the current owner of the mortgage. We not only search by borrower name but also verify county indexing requirements to find 100% of the assignments.

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Judgment Search Report
& Lien Search

A Judgment Search & Lien Search Report is a search of the county records for involuntary liens. Just provide the name and county you want checked and we will do the rest.

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Update Search Report

An Update Search Report updates any property report done within the last 6 months. We will provide updated tax information and any new documents that have been recorded since the last Title Search Report.

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Property Tax Status
Search Report

A Property Tax Status Search Report provides current information on your asset’s taxes. We check County, City, Town, etc. We’ll provide current amounts due, due dates, amounts paid and paid dates as available from the Tax Collector.

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HOA Directory Search Report

An HOA Directory Search Report is a specialty service to determine if the target property belongs to an HOA, and gives the name and contact information of that HOA. This report is available on our HOA website.

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Easements & Restrictions
Search Report

An easement is the right to use another person’s land for a stated purpose. Deed restrictions are rules and regulations that govern one or more lots or parcels. Provide us your property address and we’ll identify such documents that could affect your property.

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CC&R Search Report

A homeowner/condo association has legally enforceable rules, called covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&R). This report provides you with any CC&R documents filed that may affect your target property.

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Lien Position

A Lien Position Search Report will show if your lien is senior on the property or if another lien might take priority. All that is needed is the information on the loan you want checked.

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Voluntary Lien

A property search that is done to show all voluntary liens filed on your target property.

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Chain of Title

A Chain of Title Search Report will show you the ownership history on the property. This report can be customized to meet your needs to search as far back as necessary.

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Lien Release Search Report

A Lien Release Search Report verifies if a release has been filed on your lien. Just provide us information on the lien you are interested in and we will search the county records for the recorded release.

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We are a business partner who understands your needs and strives to help you do your job better and faster. If that sounds good, you should try us out.

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