Sam Gendusa March 12, 2013

The financial world has undergone many changes since 2006, and many of them have not been for the better. Yet every action has a reaction, and in this case that is good news for those with compliance training and experience. As HousingWire reports:

“Unemployment remains above 7% for the nation, but those with the right experience in mortgage lending or servicing compliance may find career opportunities in the near future.”

The reason is that the deluge of new regulations for mortgage and financial institutions has created a high demand for individuals who can keep up with changing compliance regulations and keep companies compliant. The compliance industry is a taking a step to the forefront, rather than working quietly in the background, as in pre-recession days.

According to Kerri Ann Panchuk’s piece, Michael Waldron, a partner at Ballard Spahr, says companies will be looking to hire more compliance professionals to help create efficient systems that meet regulatory standards.

"You are going to see these hires made in legal departments and compliance departments," he said, while noting that other professionals who could see better job prospects could include compliance specialists, regulatory analysts, and lawyers with backgrounds in banking regulation, enforcement and litigation. However, he points out that this new hiring spree may not have a huge effect on recent graduates yet, since companies will be looking for experienced professionals.

While Blue Streak Docs is not a compliance company, we do partner with many compliance professionals by retrieving documents for banks, attorneys, mortgage servicers, etc. This includes mortgage deeds or judgments, and helps our clients know they are keeping their files compliant with all proper documentation.  We also record these types of documents to help companies stay compliant.

If you need document retrieval services for any type of real estate related documents or civil court documents relating to matters such as divorce, foreclosure, probate, etc, we can help you out.  We record real estate documents with nationwide walk-in service and in many counties we can eRecord your documents.  We can also perform property searches for lien position information, foreclosure, modifications and deed in lieu of foreclosure transactions nationwide.

If you find yourself in the midst of dealing with these new compliance regulations, let us help. It’s what we do. Call Blue Streak Docs at 727-479-0007 for more information.

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