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Vendor Testimonials

Read what our vendors have to say about Blue Streak Docs.

"We have only been working with Blue Streak Docs for a little over a year. However, it is by far the most organized, thorough and pleasant company to work for. You have made dealing with accounts something of ease. Thank you so much for all that you do and we wish you the best! - M.M"

"I appreciate you being my "go to" person at Blue Streak Docs. You definitely make this business of due dates & deadlines a much less stressful endeavor. Other first-line communicators in other companies could sure take a lesson from your approach and professionalism when communicating and working with vendors. - N.G."

"Hi Adrianne, thank you for the positive feedback, I rarely get that in this industry - it's always when are we going to get it, when are we going to get it, when are we going to get it. So again thank you for taking the time. - S.M."

"Thank you for explaining in detail so I better know what I am doing! I've told Miss Eve, one of your managers, over and over how much I enjoy working with Blue Streak!! You folks rock big time! Always very willing to help me help you, understanding, efficient, etc. I wish we could steer all our other work your way!! Other companies seem nowhere near as efficient, let alone polite and understanding. - D.F."

"Thank you, we love working with your company, and want to do everything that you ask of us. - R.R."

"Eve, thank you for such a positive and helpful email. I love the new forms and feel that they are user friendly and efficient. I feel extremely blessed to be a part of such a professional and first class organization. Have a wonderful day! - H.T."

"Thank you Charlotte. I enjoy working with you and Amanda, you've both been very helpful. - I.A."

"I wanted to reach out to you personally and thank you for all of your recent bulk order requests over the past several weeks, we greatly appreciate it! If there is ever anything we can do to earn more of your business here in Virginia both with daily work volumes and bulk special project orders, please let me know, we would enjoy the opportunity of further growing our company with yours. Again thank you, we truly value what we have with you guys! - B.M."

"I do a lot of contract work for different companies. Blue Streak Docs is one of my favorites due to the efficiency and courtesy of all we have had contact with. There are a few companies I almost dread getting work from. Shh! Donít tell anyone I said that. Have a blessed day. - J.H."

"Blue Steak Docs has been a good company to work for. Payments are timely, vendor reps are knowledgeable as to the documents/information required. E-mails are answered with the complete information provided. No problems at this end. Hopefully this relationship will continue for some time as we have been with this company throughout its history. - L.S."

"Blue Streak Docs employees are always helpful if you have a problem. If they cannot help you they direct you to someone who can. Every employee at Blue Streak I have had the opportunity to work with has been wonderful. - S.S."

"Everyone that I have dealt with has been pleasant and happy to help. Thank you for the work you send me and yes I would be happy with a little more:) - T.F."

"I am very pleased with every employee I have had interaction with. Everyone has been very helpful and pleasant. We have just began doing business with you and have already received several copy requests. We would love to have even more. We are enjoying doing business with your company. - P.J."

"Eve Peets is such a pleasure to work with! She consistently goes out of her way to be the most helpful Vendor Manager that I have ever worked with, and succeeds everyday. - D.N."

"I am a title examiner in New York, and have recently started do some work with Blue Streak Docs. Eve Peets has been a great help with getting me started and setting me up with Blue Streak Docs. Eve has been on top of any questions I have had in a timely fashion, along with a kind tone in her emails. She is truly a pleasure to work along with. I look forward to a long working relationship with Eve and rest of Blue Streak Docs. - C.S."

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