Sam Gendusa August 26, 2013

After a 78-month low in June, foreclosure filings increased 2 percent this July, according to RealtyTrac’s recent U.S. Foreclosure Market Report. RealtyTrac also found 6 of the top 10 foreclosure rates to be in judicial states, where the lender is required to first file and win a lawsuit for the right to foreclose.

In this time of gradual recovery, the market is seeing surges of foreclosures in backlogged markets. However, RealtyTrac experts are reporting fewer and fewer delayed foreclosures in some of the most involved markets.

With the numbers crunched by RealtyTrac, here are some highlights of foreclosure filings through the years:

  • Foreclosures are down 32 percent in July 2013, compared to last year’s data.
  • July’s data is 64 percent below the peak of March 2010 and 54 percent above the historical average prior the housing burst.
  • For 26 states, foreclosure starts rose and were up overall 6 percent.
  • For 29 states, bank repossessions rose and were up overall 4 percent.
  • Foreclosure rates were at or below average for a dozen states in July, including Colorado, Indiana, Texas, Oklahoma, and Michigan. This number is expected to increase.
  • One in 1,001 homes filed for foreclosure in July in the United States.
  • With one in every 328 homes filing for foreclosure in July, Florida ranked number one in the nation. Florida’s foreclosure rates are still on the rise. This is the third month in a row at the number one spot.
  • Florida metro areas take 9 of the top 10 large metros areas with the highest rates of foreclosure. The number one spot was Jacksonville, with one in every 230 homes foreclosing. The non-Florida city rounding out the list was Albuquerque, New Mexico, at number 6.
  • Along with Florida, the top five states for foreclosures in July were Maryland (1 in 598 homes), Ohio (1 in 639), Connecticut (1 in 660), and New Mexico (1 in 678).
  • Maryland’s July foreclosure rates were 148 percent higher than last year.
  • Although still on the top 5, Ohio foreclosures have declined over the past three months.
  • Arizona slid down to the 12th spot, marking the first time not on the top 10 since February.

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