Nationwide Historical Title & Property Owner Search*

A Historical Title Search is a specialty Title Search service that we offer. It gives you a “snap shot” of what your target property looked like at any given point in time!

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What is a Historical Title Search?

A historical title search looks at a property's records during a specific timeframe. We'll conduct a search through public records and report back to you on the state of the property's ownership during that time. Whether you want data from two, five, or even 10+ years ago, we can pull all public records needed!

What Does a Historical Title Search Include?

We will start our historical title and property owner search by looking up the property's address and date you've provided us with. Then, we'll carefully research public records, finding any filings against the property during the time frame given.

Our final report will include everything we found, such as:

  • Open mortgages
  • Assignments in effect
  • Modifications
  • Liens and judgments open at the time

Once we've searched through all public records available on the specified property within the proper time frame, we'll compile the property title search report.

We will include copies of all documents found! Let us know whether you prefer full copies or only the most important pages -- we're here to cater the report so it only contains exactly what you need.

Nationwide Historical Property Title Searches

Need to know who owned a house during a certain period of time? Looking for a full picture of residential property from 5-10 years ago? We can help!

Whether you have one request or thousands, Blue Streak Docs can handle all of your property title search needs! We pride ourselves on delivering fast, accurate results. Try us out today!

(If you're looking for a current owner search, bankruptcy title search, or foreclosure title search, you can send those over, too!)

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*The information and documents provided by Blue Streak Docs are not intended for use in issuing, investigating or underwriting any insured product, including but not limited to title insurance policies.

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