Document Retrieval

Blue Streak Docs’ document retrieval services span all 3,600+ jurisdictions across the US.  We can retrieve any requested document quickly and accurately.  Normally we will transmit to you a PDF photocopy of the specified pages of a mortgage, deed, assignment or group of assignments, etc.  However in some cases a PDF of a document will not satisfy our clients’ needs – and we have to go one big step further to get the job done.

Court Certified Copy

If an original real estate document is needed but cannot be located, clients request a copy of the document that has been certified by the Clerk of Court or Register of Deeds to show that it is a true and accurate copy.  The client needs that certified copy – not a PDF.  Therefore the process becomes more complex and requires much more control and oversight to ensure that the job gets done quickly.

Blue Streak Docs gets your orders downloaded into our system upon receipt and immediately dispatches the orders to one or more of our 1,500 highly experienced and trusted independent abstractors to retrieve the missing documents and ensure that they are certified.  We use a state of the art tracking system so no matter the size of your project, we will follow up on every single certified document, and ensure it is 100% correct.  We can report daily or weekly on the status of your open orders so that you can see the progress from start to finish.  Certified documents are shipped back using Fed Ex/UPS so that no time is lost (and so your documents are tracked).  Once received, we perform our own in house quality check to make sure that you are receiving the correct documents, complete and signed by the clerk.  As a backup service to you, we also scan your certified documents into our system so that they can be viewed anytime for your convenience.

Document Retrieval Company

This is why a company with a large, trusted network of independent abstractors is vital to your success in retrieving these documents.  We are constantly grading our abstractors to ensure that you are provided with speed and accuracy.  We also continue to recruit new abstractors to our network so that we can retrieve your certified documents in any courthouse, no matter how remote.  We strive to maintain excellent relations with our vendors and it goes a long way in providing excellence in services to you.

Are you completely satisfied with the results you are currently getting from your current vendor?  Tired of waiting weeks or months for the right certified document?

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