Sam Gendusa August 12, 2013

HB 87, or the Florida Fair Foreclosure Act, became law this July, changing the foreclosure landscape in Florida. At a glance, the new law has been put in place to speed up the foreclosure process, applying to all pending foreclosures and any case filed on or after July 1, 2013.

A faster foreclosure process means a few things for the Florida homeowner undergoing foreclosure. This gives the homeowner less time to explore loss mitigation alternatives, work out modifications, prepare for life transition, and complete a short sale. This post includes brief explanations of the law’s key elements and how it may have an effect on Florida homeowners.

  • The act made expansions to the law, which now an involve homeowner, mortgage holders, and condominium associations.
  • >A provision is included to define the finality of foreclosure circumstances that limit relief to monetary damages.
  • Additional pleading requirements were added to the party filing the foreclosure.
  • A provision was added that the Plaintiff can request the Court require mortgage payments be made.
  • The time has been reduced from five years to one year for how long a foreclosing lender can seek deficiency judgment.

In addition to HB 87, Florida Legislature approved $200 million from the National Mortgage Settlement. About $16 million of this went toward helping clear backlogged foreclosures by hiring additional judges. Experts are anticipating a noticeable decrease in the time it will take to foreclose on a home in Florida.

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