Sam Gendusa September 9, 2016

Newsletter - September 2016

Many of us who work in the financial services industry have the years of 2007 and 2008 safely tucked away in a locked cabinet in our minds. And there’s a big “DO NOT OPEN” sign hanging on it

But, of course, there is a time for everything. We dredged up the memories when we looked into the accuracy of the popular film The Big Short. And we’ll do so again. Because there are things that need examining…

The Independent Foreclosure Review recently announced that the final batch of checks would soon be mailed out to homeowners. The intention of the Federal Reserve (Fed), you may remember, was to distribute the funds to “those affected by deficient servicing and foreclosure practices.” But is that how it went down?

It turns out, the money was sent to homeowners that were foreclosed on, but without any further review process. The end result: some borrowers who were correctly foreclosed on received money anyway.

So that’s bad. But now for the new wrinkle…

The Fed is now sitting on $80 million in uncashed disbursement checks, which will now be re-routed to those who did cash their first disbursement.

Basically, some people who were wrongly foreclosed on will end up with nothing and some who were rightly foreclosed on will get two disbursement checks from the government.

No wonder we keep all this in the DO NOT OPEN file.

Bottom line: In a world where this kind of stuff is still going on, we do not want to leave ourselves or our portfolios exposed to the whims of big bankers or government bureaucrats. Make sure you have all your documentation accounted for and organized.

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Employee Of The Month

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