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Judgment Search Report & Lien Search - Nationwide

Another specialty Report that Blue Streak Docs offers is a Judgment & Lien Search Report. We can perform this search on any residential property in the US. The information that you will need to provide for us to do this search is the name, property address and county and we’ll turn around your completed report fast.

Liens Against Property

Our Judgment and Lien Reports will include any open judgment, tax lien and any other involuntary lien that has been recorded in the county records, whether they have been filed against the subject’s property or against them personally.  We can customize the report for you, depending on your request.  For example, we can also search Civil Court Records, depending on the county and where judgments are recorded.  We can also include all open and closed judgments, most commonly within the past ten years for an additional fee.

Our reports can include copies of all associated documents – complete copies or whatever pertinent pages you desire.  We archive our reports indefinitely at our client web portal, MyBlueStreakDocs, and we can accept anywhere from just one search request to large, bulk projects.

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States in which we perform Judgment & Lien Search Reports:

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