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With Blue Streak Docs, You Get:

Accurate Mortgage & Real Estate Information
Industry Leading Turn-Around Time
Robust, Comprehensive Reporting Capabilities For Your Projects

Document Retrieval Services - Nationwide

document retrieval

Blue Streak Docs can track down any real estate document that may be recorded anywhere in the country with lightning speed. We can retrieve photocopies or Court Certified Copies of mortgages, modifications, deeds, assignments, releases or anything else to be found in county courthouse public records. We are also expert at pulling Civil Court documents.

Mortgage Information Services – Nationwide

mortgage information services

Mortgage information requirements have grown and grown over the years.  What information do you need exactly?  We can comply with nearly any request such as Deed Search, a Judgment Search, Assignment Verification Reports (AVR), Vesting & Legal Reports even HOA Directory Reports and UCC Search! Send us your reporting requirements and we will fulfill your request right away.

Document Recording Services - Nationwide *

document recording

Do you have real estate related documents that must be recorded by a certain deadline? We engage with thousands of recording agents all over the country to ensure your documents arrive at the county recorder’s desk on time and get recorded on the spot. Whether you have one or thousands to record, we can take on any sized recording project.

Property Title Search Services - Nationwide **

property title search

We can offer Property Reports such as Current Owner Searches, Two Owner Searches, or a specified time period (10, 20 year property searches, etc.).  Our Title Search Reports can be modified to fulfill your exact needs based on your request details and can be used for portfolio review, due diligence and other informational purposes.

our clients

Our clients find our services to be indispensable
when dealing with the following:

  • Foreclosure Review
  • Deed-In-Lieu of Foreclosure
  • Modification of Mortgages
  • Due Diligence for purchase of pools of Mortgages
  • Portfolio Compliance and Asset Review
  • Claims Review
  • Servicer Audits & Reviews
  • Bankruptcy Cases
  • Creation of Assignments and Release of Mortgage

You can place your requests and obtain your completed reports by logging into myBlueStreakDocs, our state-of-the-art client website. Or, if you prefer, receive them as an email attachment, fax or express delivery (if certified documents are requested).


* Blue Streak Docs shall not be responsible for any title updates or bring downs when instructed to record any documents in the public records.

** The information and documents provided by Blue Streak Docs are not intended for use in issuing, investigating or underwriting any insured product, including but not limited to title insurance policies.

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