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"Great start! I can tell you that you already have impressed me with your turn time on these handful of orders. Just as a side note, one of my vendors takes 48 hours to simply consume the orders into production whether it is 1 or 1000. - D.H."

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Document Retrieval

Document retrieval services are most often used by mortgage professionals, such as collateral managers, note buying investors, transaction managers and real estate attorneys. Mortgage portfolios are often so large that they often include properties in many, if not all 50 states.

Real Estate Documents

Blue Streak Docs has emerged over the years as the industry leader, outperforming all its competitors, in locating and delivering to its clients, important, missing real estate documents to ensure that their files are complete and in compliance. We have a national footprint – there is no jurisdiction too remote to get the document you need with speed. We can retrieve the correct documents with the fastest turnaround time in the industry. We have combined highly skilled and seasoned personnel, innovative technology and reporting capabilities and the most comprehensive customer care and delivery system that you will find in any document retrieval company.

Mortgage Documents

Our document retrieval services can deliver to you any of the following mortgage documents from any of the 3,600+ county courthouses in the US:

  • Deed (Warranty, Quit Claim, Special, Grant, etc.)
  • Mortgage/Deed of Trust
  • Mortgage Modification
  • Mortgage Assignment
  • Satisfaction/Release
  • Power of Attorney

We utilize over 1,500 independent abstractors, tried and true who will locate and retrieve your documents in any courthouse if it is on record. The words “No Find” as the result of a search is not an option. Complete documentation of what was checked and on record is included in your report if your document is not of record.

Document Retrieval Companies

There are numerous choices of document retrieval companies today. When searching for one to provide your document retrieval needs (or deciding whether or not to make a change to a new document retrieval company), ask the following questions:

  • Can they accept any sized project at one time?
  • How long does it take to download your project into their system and how quickly will they return documents?
  • What are their reporting capabilities?
  • Do they offer online access to enter, review and download your orders in real time?
  • Do they provide XML integration?
  • Will they complete test orders to show their speed, customer service and reporting qualities?

This process will assist you to see that the quality, attentiveness, turnaround time and accuracy that you need in your document retrieval services is with Blue Streak Docs.

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