Sam Gendusa December 19, 2012

The extension of the Independent Foreclosure Review application period to December 31st, 2012 has hundreds of thousands of people in search of help navigating the process. If you are one of the many forward-thinking attorneys, or real estate and mortgage professionals offering help to these folks, you need a document retrieval partner that can get you the documents you need quickly - and accurately.

You see, your ability to capitalize on this opportunity is directly related to how many homeowners (or previous homeowners) you are able to service. With Blue Streak Docs handling the document retrieval of the necessary mortgage documents for you, you have more time to work with clients. And more time means you can have more clients.

Here’s a quick 3 reasons why Blue Streak can help you capitalize on this business growth opportunity:

1. Blue Streak offers custom status reporting
In the document retrieval industry, it is standard to have a few set ways you are willing to report status updates to your clients. At Blue Streak, we don’t like that idea. The fact is: we are here to provide a service to you, and we think that your needs in terms of status reporting are just as important as anything else we do for you. Because of this, we work with our clients to make sure that we have a method of reporting status updates to you that works with your business model. We already have a number of great options including:

  • Online Login
  • Email notification
  • Bulk updates on specific orders
  • Excel Spreadsheet
  • On demand over the phone or email

But if you need something different, we’ll work with you to make it happen!

2.Blue Streak is fast and accurate
One of the main problems you will encounter with a document retrieval company is that they may rush through the process trying to be the “fastest”. While being fast is great, it doesn’t mean anything if the documents aren’t accurate. At Blue Streak, we’ve taken the time to hone our process so that not only are we fast, but we get it right the first time, too. We have trained professionals all over the country capable of executing searches and recording as fast as anyone - but also correctly, so you aren’t left with a mess on your hands.

3. Blue Streak has real life people you can talk to
We understand that things happen, especially with a volatile situation like the one surrounding the Independent Foreclosure Review. When you call us, you’ll actually talk to us. Not only that, but if you don’t feel like using the phone (you do that enough, right?), you can contact us in a variety of ways and communicate with a real person. Email and instant chat are two of the options available to you with Blue Streak.

So if you want to take the leap into the business potential created by the Independent Foreclosure Review, you are going to need a document retrieval partner to help you handle the job. Blue Streak stands at the ready, willing to not only be your document retrieval provider, but a true partner that helps you improve your efficiency, serve more clients, and make more money!

If you are considering this business venue, call us TODAY to discuss what we can do for you - 727-479-0007.

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