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About Us

Blue Streak Docs' Vision Statement:

Solving our Clients' real estate data acquisition challenges – Lightning fast with precision accuracy.

Our Mission Statement:

The mission of Blue Streak Docs is to be the leading supplier of vital information to our clients who include Attorneys,
Lenders/Servicers and Investors with document retrieval, title reports and the recording of our clients' real estate documents nationwide. We strive to achieve this mission through the use of proprietary technology which allows us to speed up the process of locating missing documents, efficiently manage a national network of the top title abstractors and deliver the right documents, the right information, every time with lightning speed. Our information delivery system can be custom designed to suit the needs of any client using our client login portal, email or XML. By providing the most responsive and flexible reporting system in the industry which shows our clients the status of all open and completed files, we give to our clients convenience and speedy results
while taking away headaches and frustration in getting the job done.

Blue Streak Docs is dedicated to making your job easier. We are a nationwide industry leader in Document Retrieval/Research, Document Recording Services* and Property Title Searches** and we are committed to treating every client with the highest care and respect, regardless of order size.

We opened our doors in 2010 to meet a need in the mortgage/real estate industry, and it's something we never forget. The overburdened, time-consuming document search and retrieval process needed someone to streamline it, so we did. Our expertise and innovative approach makes getting the information you need simple – finally!

We are a high quality and high volume purveyor of search and retrieval services for the mortgage industry with fast turnaround – a unique hybrid rarely found in our industry and we back up this claim every day.

Our services include nationwide coverage for Document Retrieval, Mortgage Information Specialty Services, Property Title Searches, and Document Recording.

  • Our Document Retrieval Services include mortgages, assignments, deeds, modifications and just about any other mortgage related documents. We also deliver specialty products including Assignment Verification Reports, Court Certified retrieval services and Civil Court documents from anywhere in the country.
  • We perform Property Title Searches such as Current Owner Search, Two Owner Search, Judgment Search, etc. which can be used for lien position, foreclosure, deed in lieu information, or other due diligence purposes.
  • We provide nationwide Document Recording Services, including walk-in service to all 3,600+ jurisdictions and electronic recording of documents (eRecord), in many counties throughout the US.
  • We are 100% paperless.  Most orders can be processed entirely online by logging into myBlueStreakDocs, our state-of-the art electronic delivery system.  Completed orders with invoice can be returned to you by email attachment or myBlueStreakDocs. We can also receive and send orders with an XML feed.
  • You can easily check status and track all of your open and completed orders in real time by visiting myBlueStreakDocs or if you prefer, we can send you daily or weekly open order reports with complete up-to-date status information.
  • Volume orders, if emailed in an excel spreadsheet can be uploaded directly into our system, saving you time and ensuring accuracy.
  • We accept orders of any size - no order is too big or too small.

* Blue Streak Docs shall not be responsible for any title updates or bring downs when instructed to record any documents in the public records.

** The information and documents provided by Blue Streak Docs are not intended for use in issuing, investigating or underwriting any insured product, including but not limited to title insurance policies.

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