The second half of 2013 is likely to see home-value prices increase for 45 of the top 50 metropolitan markets, according to Clear Capital’s Home Data Index Market Report. Experts at Clear Capital, a real estate-solution provider based in Truckee, California, suggest the price increase forecast hints to a balanced recovery for the housing market.

Read on to learn specifics about Clear Capital’s Market Report and where a city near you might line up.

  • The national price gain leader is Bakersfield, California, with an expected 5.2% gain. This is a jump from the first quarter where Bakersfield earned only 29th place. Bakersfield, which was hit hard when the bubble burst, is now showing opportunity for searching homebuyers. Overall median prices remain relatively low at $160,000.
  • Las Vegas is the anticipated runner up, with a projected 5% gain. Last quarter, Las Vegas earned the highest quarterly gain at 4.4%. At the end of 2013, Las Vegas will likely be the end-of-the-year recovery front runner with projected yearly gains totaling 19.4%.
  • Chicago, IL (4.9%); Sacramento, CA (4.8%); Milwaukee, WI (4.4%) complete the top five of this market report.
  • Anticipated as the worst of the top 50 is Cleveland, OH, with a projected 2.2% decline. The other cities with anticipated declines are Raleigh, NC; Charlotte, NC; and Denver, CO; with less than 0.5% decline each.
  • Clear Capital estimates that at a national level we will see gains of up to 6% this year, up from the previous estimated percentage of 2.6%. It’s important to note this forecast is up from historical norms of 4-5%.

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